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Space Maintainers

Space Maintainers, Also known as tooth spacer is important because your child’s mouth changes as they grow and develop. More precisely, teeth alter as your youngster progresses from infancy on into adulthood. Baby teeth may sometimes be removed prematurely, or adult teeth fail to come in on time, owing to various causes.

This can result in your child developing various oral health issues, including crowding or tooth looseness.

tooth spacer

The dental appliance that helps control the premature loss of baby teeth is known as a space maintainer or tooth spacer. Following an examination, we may recommend that your youngster receive a space maintainer / tooth spacer to prevent neighboring teeth from shifting. It also prevents the development of problems regarding your child’s jaw growth.

The need for a tooth spacer depends on your child’s age and the informed decision of your Sweet Tooth Kids dentist. An appliance of like this will only be recommended if it benefits your child and their oral development,

Reason for a Space Maintainer / Tooth Spacer

In general, you don’t want permanent teeth erupting into the space left by a baby tooth lost ahead of schedule. Space maintainers aid in the prevention of this situation. The most common reason your child may need a space maintainer is because of recent premature tooth loss or extraction.

Premature Tooth Loss or Extraction

Teeth may also be lost due to a medical condition or accident, and must be extracted because of decay. If your kid trips and falls, or gets mouth trauma while playing sports, one or more of their teeth could fall out.

It’s less probable, but not unheard of, for childhood cavities to lead to tooth extraction. Because baby teeth have more delicate enamel than do permanent teeth, they are more prone to cavities if not attended to properly.

In either situation, a space maintainer may be used to keep open necessary space, and prevent tooth misalignment or crowding.

Types of Space Maintainers

Depending on your child’s needs at the time, we will advise you to use a specific sort of space maintainer. There are two basic types: fixed unilateral and fixed bilateral.

Fixed Unilateral Appliances: The unilateral appliances only keep space on one side of your kid’s mouth. The band and distal shoe are included as well.

Fixed Bilateral Appliances: Fixed Bilateral Appliances are placed after teeth are lost on both sides of the mouth. The trans-palatal arch (TPA), lingual arch, and Nance arch are included.

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If you believe your child is a candidate for a space maintainer, make an appointment with Sweet Tooth Kid’s Dentistry to learn about all your alternatives and options.
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