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Palatal Expanders

A palate expander is a dental instrument used to treat and prevent dental problems in children. It’s mainly used to widen a child’s upper jaw, and can be used to correct crossbite and a lack of space for new teeth to develop.

Anatomically speaking, one’s upper jaw develops in two distinct sections as part of the maturation process. This provides teeth with the space they need to align the lower and upper jaw for optimum bite and alignment. As one approaches puberty, the two sections eventually form a solid single structure.

Because they are already a single structure in adults, it is difficult and inappropriate to attempt to stretch an adult palate,

It’s typically best to use a palatal expander before your child becomes a teenager. Palatal expanders treatment may commence on a child as young as six years of age.

palatal expanders

How Does It Work?

There are two different types of palatal expanders. Depending on the teeth and jaws, your child might benefit from one or both of them.

The first is an upper jaw expander, that anchors to the upper back molars. Using a special key, each turn of the screws widen the expander. This process works because there’s actually a gap between the two halves of the roof of the mouth during your child’s development.

Because there’s no gap between the lower jawbones, lower jaw expanders work in an alternative way. Rather than pulling your jaw apart, they push teeth that lean inward to a straighter position.

Is The Process Painful?

Although the treatment is straightforward, it does require an investment of time. The good news is it’s more pleasant and convenient than braces. Your kid may find it strange at first, owing to the fact that the palatal expander is larger than their mouth, but will soon become accustomed to it.

As the jaw bones become aligned there may be some discomfort over the nose or beneath the eye. If required, an over the counter pain reliever recommended by your dentist can be taken.

What Can Be Treated?

The Palate Expander is designed to address a number of dental conditions. This includes crossbite, where the upper jaw is narrow compared to the lower jaw. As previously stated, the palatal expander enlarges the upper jaw, resolving this issue. Widening the jaw provides additional room for teeth to grow. That solves the problem of crowded teeth. Breathing difficulties and impacted teeth are just a few other conditions that are effectively addressed.

Caring for your Palatal Expander

Fortunately, follow up care for your kid’s palatal expander is minimal. On the other hand, brushing after every meal is critical to the successful outcome of this, and all other, orthodontic therapy. The mouth must be free of any food residue left behind in the expander. Keeping your child away from hard, sticky, or chewy meals is a wise move. Urge them to brush more thoroughly, and for a longer amount of time.

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